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Cuban Cuaba cigars

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Cuaba-Diademas.jpg Diademas Figurado 5
Cuaba-Distinguidos.jpg Distinguidos Figurado 10
Cuaba-Divinos.gif Divinos Figurado 25
Cuaba-Divinos-Cp-Pack-Of-5.jpg Divinos Cp Pack Of 5 Figurado 5
Cuaba-Exclusivos.jpg Exclusivos Figurado 25
Cuaba-Exclusivos-Pack-Of-5.jpg Exclusivos Pack Of 5 Figurado 5
Cuaba-Generosos.gif Generosos Figurado 25
Cuaba-Generosos-Pack-Of-5.gif Generosos Pack Of 5 Figurado 5
Cuaba-Salomones.jpg Salomones Figurado 10
Cuaba-Tradicionales.gif Tradicionales Figurado 25
Cuaba-Tradicionales-Pack-Of-5.gif Tradicionales Pack Of 5 Figurado 5
The Cuaba brand was introduced on 19 November 1996 in London by the Corporation Habanos s.a. These cigars have very old name. The name Cuaba occurred in the times of the early Cuban settlers. This was the name of an indigenous tree in the island, well-known because of its excellent burning properties. It grows in the country in our days. These cigars have pleasant aroma and enticing dark gray color. They are pointed in both ends, whereby they are called figurados (torpedo-shaped cigars). The Cuba cigars are available in traditional boxes of 25 cigars.

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