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Rey Del Mundo
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Rey-Del-Mundo-Choix-Supreme.jpg Choix Supreme Robusto 25
Rey-Del-Mundo-Choix-Supreme-Slb-Cab.jpg Choix Supreme Slb Cab Robusto 50
Rey-Del-Mundo-Coronas-De-Luxe.gif Coronas De Luxe Corona 25
Rey-Del-Mundo-Demi-Tasse.gif Demi Tasse Demi Tasse 25
Rey-Del-Mundo-Gran-Corona.gif Gran Corona Corona Gorda 25
Rey-Del-Mundo-Grandes-De-Espana.gif Grandes De Espana Delicados 25
Rey-Del-Mundo-Lonsdales.gif Lonsdales Lonsdale 25
Rey-Del-Mundo-Lunch-Club.gif Lunch Club Tres Petit Corona/Perla 25
Rey-Del-Mundo-Panetelas-Largas.gif Panetelas Largas Long Panetelas 25
Rey-Del-Mundo-Petit-Coronas.gif Petit Coronas Petit Corona/Mareva 25
Rey-Del-Mundo-Tainos-Slb.gif Tainos Slb Churchill/Julieta 25
This peculiar brand was developed in 1848 when the Spaniard Antonio Allones set up his own tobacco business in Havana. Only in 1882, four decades later, he made the registration of a cigar of premium quality and rate, under the extravagant name El Rey del Mundo (King of the World). This series was very successful. Soon the factory was named after the mark, El Rey del Mundo Cigar Co. Amongst discriminating cigar smokers the brand name "Rey Del Mundo" is one of the most popular.

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