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Cuban Saint Luis Rey cigars

Saint Luis Rey
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Saint-Luis-Rey-Churchills.gif Churchills Churchill/Julieta 25
Saint-Luis-Rey-Churchills-Aluminium-Tube.gif Churchills Aluminium Tube Churchill/Julieta 25
Saint-Luis-Rey-Churchills-Slb-Cab.gif Churchills Slb Cab Churchill/Julieta 50
Saint-Luis-Rey-Coronas.gif Coronas Corona 25
Saint-Luis-Rey-Double-Coronas-Slb-Cab.jpg Double Coronas Slb Cab Double Corona/Prominente 50
Saint-Luis-Rey-Lonsdales.gif Lonsdales Lonsdale 25
Saint-Luis-Rey-Lonsdales-Slb-Cab-50.gif Lonsdales Slb Cab 50 Lonsdale 50
Saint-Luis-Rey-Petit-Coronas.jpg Petit Coronas Petit Corona/Mareva 25
Saint-Luis-Rey-Petit-Coronas-pack-of-5.gif Petit Coronas pack of 5 Petit Corona/Mareva 5
Saint-Luis-Rey-Petit-Coronas-Tubos.gif Petit Coronas Tubos Petit Corona/Mareva 25
Saint-Luis-Rey-Regios.jpg Regios Robusto 25
Saint-Luis-Rey-Regios-Slb-Cab.jpg Regios Slb Cab Robusto 50
Saint-Luis-Rey-Serie-A.jpg Serie A Corona Gorda 25
Saint-Luis-Rey-Serie-A-Slb-Cab.jpg Serie A Slb Cab Corona Gorda 50
The "Saint Luis Rey" brand was registered in 1940 under the name Zamora y Guerra. These Habanos are the hand made ones. Most celebrated leaves from the Vuelta Abajo are used for their production. The "Saint Luis Rey" brand has a market niche, matching all quality indicators established for trademarks. Flavor of these cigars ranges from mild to medium.

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