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San Cristobal cigars

We offer authentic cuban La Fuerza cigars.

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San Cristobal cigars

La Fuerza San-Cristobal

La Fuerza brand

Price: $380

25 cigars


Super Robusto


A longer enjoyable Robusto delivering a complex smoke close to the El Morro character. We believe that this is the best of the whole San Cristobal line.


Gordito size cigar. Longer than a Corona Gorda and as thick as a robusto


Length: 143 mm
Diameter: 19.84 mm
Ring gauge: 50

La Fuerza
25 cigars for $380 only

List of Brands of San-Cristobal cigars we offer:

El Morro  El Principe  La Fuerza  La Punta  Mercaderes  Muralla  Oficio  

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