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Cuban Vegueros cigars

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vegueros-entretiempos-canister-of-16.png Entretiempos Canister of 16 Petit Edmundo 16
vegueros-entretiempos-pack-of-4.png Entretiempos Pack of 4 Petit Edmundo 4
Vegueros-Especiales-No.-1.jpg Especiales No. 1 Laguito No.1 25
Vegueros-Especiales-No.-2.jpg Especiales No. 2 Laguito No.2 25
vegueros-mananitas-canister-of-16.png Mananitas Canister of 16 Mananitas 16
vegueros-mananitas-pack-of-4.png Mananitas pack of 4 Mananitas 4
vegueros-tapados-canister-of-16.png Tapados Canister of 16 Mareva Gruesa 16
vegueros-tapados-pack-of-4.png Tapados Pack of 4 Mareva Gruesa 4
"Vegueros" cigar was developed in Vuelta Abajo. The building of the factory was used in different times for various purposes. It was a hospital of the Spanish colony, then in 1870 it became a prison, in 1959 the School of Arts was established there. Today the house of Vegueros is situated in this building.

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